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circular walks in Skåne
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  • Romeleåsen

    Book 1 is the first book in the series, third edition. The circular walks describe the author's home region of Romeleåsen and the lake scenery. The walks are fairly evenly distributed between Lund and Sjöbo municipality. On and around the ridge is a ramble friendly landscape of pastures, beautiful mixed forests, meandering water, bird-filled wetland. The rural countryside has numerous castles and other cultural riches.

  • Skånes kust/Skåne's coast

    Book 2 is the second edition of the title. The book gives ramblers an introduction to the beautiful shores with the most breathtaking views, but also to the tranquil woods and the characteristic rural areas in its immediate vicinity. The walks runs from Åhus in the east to Bjärehalvön and Kullaberg in the west.

  • Söderåsen

    Book 3 offers excursions in Skåne's last wilderness. During the summer season the tourist office in Röstånga offers gps-receivers for rent, ready loaded with a test walk, the 27 circular walks and over 100 geocaches. An example can be found here: Walk no 6 East Klovahallar at EveryTrail

  • via train

    Book 4 is aimed at all environmentally conscious nature lovers who for various reasons choose to use public transport. The starting points of the walks are train stations close to nature around Skåne and along the route between Copenhagen and Elsinore.

  • with gps

    Half the book is a manual of how a gps can brighten up the hiking adventure; the other half contains 12 exercises / walks with the same approach as the other titles. Of these, five are located in the Öresund region, 3 to Gothenburg, Bohuslän and 4 to the Stockholm-area.

  • millenium trees

    Book 6 gives hikers an intro to some of the beautiful, gnarled tree giants that adorn the landscape of Skåne. A total of 350 tree giants included in the walks. Just over half of the walks go through castles and manor parks with the surrounding landscape, the other to rambling friendly forests and pastures.

  • Skåne's coast

    Book 7 (the only one in English) is the ideal companion for rambling along the southern Swedish shoreline. The book gives the walker an introduction not only to the beautiful coast with its breathtaking views, but also to the surrounding area’s forests and characteristic countryside which is within easy reach. Walk in the immensely popular Inspector Kurt Wallander footsteps, well-known also in UK from the BBC series filmed in the area around Ystad.

  • peaceful places

    Book 8 includes tours to the peaceful places at Österlen, Linderödsåsen and in Snapphane - Göingebygden. There are few quiet places in our urban world, places where urban people can listen to the silence and gather strength. These sites may be old places of worship, magical glades, viewpoints and other places with magical attraction. The aim of the book is an increased environmental awareness, a greater understanding of the importance of preserving the green areas around the cities and an improved quality of life when the hiker experience nature's healing power.

  • via Skåneleden

    Book 9 contains 30 new circular walks, of which 8 via Skåneleden coast-coast, 8 via Skåneleden north-south, 7 via Skåneleden ridge-ridge and 7 via the Österlen trail. Example of these walks can be found on Everytrail: walk no 13 Häckeberga-Kullatorpet, walk no 16 Sövde, walk no 17 Klåveröd